‘He who looks outside dreams, who looks inside wakes’

C.G. Jung

When we focus too much on the world outside we tend to forget that there is a whole inner-world waiting to be accessed. To take time to turn inward is important. The word psychic comes from the Greek psychikos, meaning ‘of the soul’. It reminds us that we are not only human beings, but spiritual beings, and that it is therefore possible to access information that reaches way beyond our five senses and analytical thinking. As Albert Einstein once said: ‘The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.’ Are you ready to experience your intuitive self?

What happens during an angelic reading?

I have the ability to connect with your energy and work intuitively with your guides and angels to channel very personal messages, in a very unique way. I work with the energy of Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters and Angels to bring through messages that help people feel empowered, inspired and connected to their essence. The messages provide practical information and guidance, they empower you to listen more carefully to your intuition and take action to live a happier and more fulfilling life. The inspirational and healing messages I channel come from a higher realm, a place of unconditional love, compassion, and wisdom.

Why do people have readings?

People reach out because they need to find some clarity on what’s happening in their life or they feel stuck in a situation or disconnected from their life purpose. When we become our own worst critic, it is difficult to make decisions that serve us best. During a reading the received guidance resonates at all levels, it creates changes and therefore it allows healing to happen. If you are in a situation where you wished you could press the pause button, recap and open up to new perspectives you might want to try a reading. The channelled messages are clear, relevant and loving, they give you keys to access your own intuition and create peace and harmony within you, in the now.

How do we make it happen?

Because everything is energy and everything is interconnected I can connect with you remotely wherever you are, we don’t need to be physically in the same room. Thanks to Skype or WhatsApp you can choose to relax in the intimacy of your home and simply listen, let the messages come to you, move you. A reading is a very personal experience it goes beyond the intellect, it touches the heart and resonates at soul level with it comes understanding and healing. You are more than welcome to contact me first for a quick chat if you are curious and want to discuss the benefits you could get from a reading before committing to it.


‘I had a reading with Nathalie in March 2018. This was my first time and I had no idea of what to expect. It is amazing what someone can register in terms of energy over the phone at a distance! I was astonished at the accuracy of Nathalie’s reading – she phrased the emotions she received in a very astute and to the point manner, and all of these messages had to do with one another – as in life, all is connected. I made 7 pages of notes during the 1 hour reading, and am going through them regularly to remind me of my inner strengths and to act more upon them. I thought it was a very useful and special experience and Nathalie is truly gifted and a very good communicator!’

Nicole (CH)

‘I have come away feeling buoyant and clear, energised and inspired. I was surprised how much detail Nathalie passed to me – and that it was done in a way I could remember because it resonated deeply. Nathalie explained everything to me calmly, clearly and compassionately. She channelled information about where I am at in my life (spot on), plus nuggets of the direction my current situation is taking me (reassuring) and a few areas where I could help myself more (absolutely). It was an extremely calming, affirming, centering experience. Everything Nathalie told me felt very true, without a doubt. Amazing!’

Helen (UK)

‘During my last year at university, I contacted Nathalie regularly over several months to help me clarify where I was, and what was the next step I needed to take. After each session, I felt calm and at peace, a heartwarming feeling. I was given keys to live my life in the now, and detach from my worring mind. There would always be a sentence, a word, or a picture that nathalie chanelled that stuck with me afterwards. Even now, months later, I can associate some events to a word or image said in one of the sessions - a wonderful reminder, a powerful experience!’

Alice (FR)

‘I was a bit anxious before the session but from the first messages I realised I was being supported in a very caring way and I opened up fully to the experience. I was deeply moved, Nathalie just found the right words to express my internal world, my inner dialogues were decoded and brought into a new light. I was guided to a part of myself I had long forgotten, deep down, a loving and comforting sense of re-union’

Ida (DK)


Now is the time for well-being