We are energy, and healing happens when energy flows freely.

Everything in the universe is energy and everything and all life is interconnected. We are energy and for each one of us our life experiences affect our energy. Thoughts and emotions vibrate in us constantly. According to how we feel inside we transmit a certain type of frequency and according to what is going on outside we absorb other types of frequencies. Everything is linked. Fortunately, we can choose to take care of our vibrations in order to clear blockages so that we become healthier and happier. If you want to make lasting changes in your life whether physically, mentally or emotionally energy is key. Energy is at the centre of my work both when I practice Reiki and when I give readings. Energy resonates at all levels and when raised it helps to unlock the body’s natural ability to heal, to re-create balance and harmony. At a soul level the energy connects us to who we truly are and when we are connected to our spiritual self we are connected to our purpose in this world.

‘When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy’

Highly sensitive from birth, I feel the energy around in nature as well as in people. I was drawn to Reiki twenty years ago, and as a mother with young children, it felt like I had been given a magic wand to nurture myself, and the family. Ever since I became a Reiki practitioner I have been fascinated by the difference it brings in people’s life, as every session is unique. Having developed my skills over the first three levels of Reiki, I felt naturally drawn to commit myself to a one year intensive one to one training course with an experienced and gifted Reiki Master, to become a teacher myself. Today I feel blessed to be able to share and empower people to use Reiki on their own, in their daily lives. As I deepened my practice, I learnt to use and trust my intuition, and a few years ago I felt guided to the College of Psychic Studies, in London, and embarked on an extensive professional training course to further develop my intuitive abilities and learn to connect and work with guides and angels. Opening the door to fully embrace my natural psychic abilities was another enlightening and life changing experience. It is a profound connection with people that also allows healing to happen.


Now is the time for well-being